Lacs du Lévézou

Climate of the Lévézou


It is difficult to answer such a question, as we know that the seasons are not what they once were. However, here are a few details.

The Lévézou is a plateau which lies at an average altitude of 900m at the heart of the department of Aveyron, between the Massif Central and the Mediterranean basin. Several factors influence its climate.

In winter, it can be very cold, with a continental climate due to the northerly winds. At night, temperatures can drop to -10°. The frozen lakes are quite a sight to behold - nature is an artist.

In summer, the Mediterranean influence is felt, and the weather is usually very pleasant. This is the time to enjoy our man-made beaches on the banks of the lakes of the Lévézou. Thanks to the altitude and the lakes, the nights are not too hot and it is possible to get a good night's sleep. There is always a little wind on the Lévézou. For the last few years, we have had a water shortage due to a lack of rain. Water is precious: do not waste it!

Spring and autumn are very pleasant, with mild temperatures and the westerly and southerly winds bringing with them an Oceanic climate. This is the ideal time to embark on a hike through the Lévézou's beautiful countryside, to go mushroom hunting, or to fish in our lakes and rivers... The Lévézou is a place that has been preserved thanks to a lack of polluting industry. Please help us to keep our area as it is and do not litter the countryside.

Spring on The Lévézou in Aveyron - France

Autumn in the Lévézou, Aveyron, France

Summer in the Lévézou, Aveyron, France

 Winter in the Lévézou, Aveyron, France


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