Le Lévézou

Grand Tour des Monts et Lacs

The Grand Tour des Monts et Lacs du Lévézou is a GR® long-distance footpath made up of two five-stage circuits that join together to form a figure of eight, taking in the surrounds of the Lac de Pareloup and the mountain scenery of the Lévézou.

nationally-produced guidebook, "Grand Tour des Monts et Lacs du Lévézou-Aveyron

1st circuit - "The Lake Tour": lakes of Pont de Salars, Pareloup, Villefranche de Panat: 104km

  • Day 1: Pont de Salars to Arvieu: 23km
  • Day 2: Arvieu to Salmiech: 13km
  • Day 3: Salmiech to Villefranche de Panat: 22km
  • Day 4: Villefranche de Panat to Salles Curan: 22.5km
  • Day 5: Salles Curan to Bouloc (connecting point): 20.5km

2nd circuit - "The Mountain Tour", starting from Vezins: 110km

  • Day 6  Bouloc to Saint Beauzély: 12.5km
  • Day 7: St Beauzély to St Léons: 22.5km
  • Day 8: Saint Léons to Vezins: 21km
  • Day 9: Vezins to Ségur: 25km
  • Day 10: Ségur to Pont de Salars (via the connecting point): 28km

Following the footpaths marked with yellow and red signs, you will discover every facet of the Lévézou: its lake scenery, its mountains, its valleys…

A nationally-produced guidebook, "Grand Tour des Monts et Lacs du Lévézou", is available for €12.90

To receive a copy, please send payment of €12.90 + postage and packing, made out to "Office de Tourisme de Pareloup Lévézou", to the following address: Office de Tourisme de Pareloup Lévézou, Place de la Rivière -12290 Pont de Salars, France.


The LÉvÉzou experience

Welcome to the Lévézou,
a land of vast lakes, unspoilt countryside and unforgettable scenery for you to explore !

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