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Educational trails

Themed walks to give you a better understanding of our environment, forests, beech trees, peat bogs, and local fauna and flora.


Tourbière des Rauzes -Peat bog

La Tourbière des Rauzes

In Saint Léons and Saint Laurent du Lévézou

This peat bog ("tourbière" in French), which is the property of the departmental council of Aveyron, is listed in France's register of natural areas of particular interest in terms of their fauna and flora, and belongs to the European  network Natura 2000.
For a long time, peat bogs remained drained and unpopular, but today their ecological value is recognised. They provide important water reserves. The moist soils of the Plaine des Rauzes give rise to a wide variety of natural environments. Around a hundred plant species have been found there and are in danger of extinction.
Dozens of varieties of butterflies have also been identified, including the Alcon Blue, a species protected at national level.

A signposted route has been set up on the site. Several numbered stopping points are marked with wooden signs. An explanatory booklet is available from the Pareloup Lévézou Tourist Office. You can also download this booklet by clicking here. Visitors to the bog are sure to come across its chief residents: the shaggy, red-haired Highland Cattle, but it is important that you stay on the marked route so as not to endanger the fragile ecosystem.


Tourbière des Founs - peat bog

La Tourbière des Founs, Arvieu

Lying at the foot of the Rocher du Diable on the road between Arvieu and Bonneviale, this wetland has a wealth of particularly rare flora (peat moss, drosera, bog bean, cotton grass, etc.). The town council is launching a project to use the land for educational and grazing purposes so as to raise awareness of this natural area which deserves to be preserved and maintained.



Book guide of the sentier des Arasses - Villefranche de Panat - Aveyron

The "Arasses trail", Villefranche-de-Panat

A botanical trail taking in 37 identified species of plants, trees and shrubs over a distance of approximately 5 km.

The trail begins at the fountains in the central square of the village of Villefranche-de-Panat. From there, just follow the yellow arrows. A free explanatory booklet is available, including a quiz for children, two recipes and a road map. Ask for one at the tourist office (Syndicat d’initiative) in the village.

Email: contact@villefranche-de-panat.com

Two short, signposted educational trails through Auriac-Lagast, ideal for a family walk through the Forêt du Lagast.

After the village, follow the signs for Villefranche-de-Panat. There is a car park and picnic tables on site.


Botanical trail in Arvieu: open from June to September

More than 100 plants to discover along the footpaths of Arvieu, just a few kilometres from the Lac de Pareloup. An educational booklet is available to bring all the details to life! The area is home to a wealth of flora unique in the region...

The trail begins from the rest area on the road between Arvieu (Route de la Creyssie) and the hamlet of Girman.

Information is available from the tourist office during the summer season (+33 (0)5 65 46 06 07) or all year round from the town hall (+33 (0)5 65 46 71 06).


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