Le Lévézou

The Lévézou, Aveyron's hub for hikers

With more than 600 km of signposted footpaths, there are plenty of options for exploring the Lévézou on foot.


Single-page maps and route guides can be bought individually or in area-by-area packs from the Lévézou's tourist offices. Guidebooks are also available for the keenest hikers.


Guidebook : Les Monts et Lacs du Lévézou

Guidebook: Les monts et lacs du Lévézou (part of the "Les Belles balades de l’Aveyron" collection) 

26 hikes to explore every part of the mountains and lakes of the Lévézou on foot, as well as 20 mountain-bike routes and 21 horseriding trails.

The walks range in length from 1 hour 30 mins to 4 hours 30 mins.

Colour guide with IGN maps, photos, etc. Price: €6.10


Le Lévézou - walking route packs

Walking route packs

Five different packs of information sheets are available, each concentrating on walking routes in a different area:

  • Pont de Salars: 16 sheets on Pont de Salars, Prades de Salars, Arques, Le Vibal and Trémouilles: €5.30
  • Arvieu :7 sheets: €260
  • Les Monts du Lévézou:13 sheets covering Saint Léons, Saint Laurent, Vezins and Ségur. Price: €4.40
  • Salles Curan: 10 sheets. Price: €3.80
  • Villefranche de Panat : 6 sheets. Price :€2


Starting from Villefranche de Panat

Le Lévézou

The  Arasses trail at Villefranche de Panat: 4.6 km.

A family walk through ancient beech forests with a little stream

From the Dam to the Tower: 11 km (15 km variant)

A pleasant walk that takes you to the Peyrebrune Tower.

La Capelle Farcel: 18 km.

Go high up in the mountains and discover lesser known local heritage.


Around Salles Curan

Le Lévézou

Starting from Bouloc Discover Bouloc: 4km.

An easy, pleasant walk, for couples or families, and you can even take a pushchair (all terrain).  The route will take you round the village of Bouloc, across fields with long-distance views and then through a shady beech wood.


Starting from CanabièresIn the footsteps of the Knights Hospitaller: 17 km (or 8.5km variant). In the village you can see the oldest example of a Hospitaller fortress in the Rouergue province, and also the church's Romanesque tympanum (inside the church, note the cross, which is a listed historic monument). Along your route, on a clear day you'll have amazing views of the Tarn valley far below. If you choose the variant route, you can admire one of the department's biggest dolmens, near the Mas Roucous.

Starting from Salles Curan: The windfarm circuit in Les Escarits: 13 km.

You'll pass very close to the windfarm and enjoy great views of the Pareloup lake. Woodlands alternating with plateaus.


Starting from Saint Martin des Faux10 km. A loop suitable for mountain bikes, following pretty tracks through the green open spaces of the plateau. No particular difficulties.


Walks in the Salars district

Le Lévézou

Starting from Pont de SalarsIn the footsteps of Saint Georges: 16 km.

This is a well shaded circuit that follows the Viaur river. In season, you can even pick mushrooms if you're lucky enough to spot any. 

You'll see the Roman church of Saint Georges de Camboulas, an oratory and some sarcophagi, the ruins of Camboulas castle and the little chapel of Barry, converted into a private house.

Starting from VibalLes Moulinoches: 9.5 km
This circuit includes a chance to admire the work of two of Lévézou's artisans: Claude Villefranque, a talented and dedicated metalworker whose productions are often exhibited at the Maison Créative in Vibal,  and Karl Maffre, the artisan jam maker in L'Arnaldesq whose jams, jellies and syrups are amazingly subtle and original.

Starting from Trémouilles: Deux Aygues: Vioulou and Viaur: 26 km.

A shaded circuit around the confluence of the rivers Viaur and Vioulou. On the site of Les Deux Aygues you'll find the ruins of a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, a pilgrim destination that enjoyed great popularity in the 15th century. According to local legend, there is a spring that can cure ringworm.

Starting from Prades de Salars Salars district: 10 km.

This circuit takes up to the high plateaus of  Le Lévézou. You'll skirt farmland and farms that are characteristic of Le Lévézou, with barns and shepherds' huts ranging from ancient to modern.

Starting from Arques: The Wild side of the Viaur: 7.5 km.

Cross the Viaur river and enjoy a series of superb viewpoints looking across Palanges forest, the Lévézou plateaus and the Viaur valley


 On Lévézou's mountains

Le Lévézou-Le Pic Monseigne

Starting from Saint-Léons:  In the Land of Insects: 12 km.

At the end of the route, the trail crosses the limestone plateau, giving wonderful views of the plateau itself and the surrounding valleys: Causse Noir, Causse Méjean...

Starting from Ségur: The  Cézilles circuit: 15km.

A walk on the upper slopes of the town, taking you to the beautiful site of Cézilles lake (private land)

Starting from Vezins: The Puech del Pal : 14.5/15 km

From the top there are superb views of the Aveyron and Aubrac valleys. 

Starting from Saint Laurent de Lévézou: A walk to Monseigne: 9 km.

At an altitude of 1128 metres, you'll have a stunning 360° panorama and also a place where ladybirds gather in 



Around Arvieu

Le Lévézou

On the road to Santa Fe: 6.5 km.

Starting from Pareloup beach, this beautiful walk takes you down into the Vioulou valley and gives you an opportunity to discover the immense structure of the dam, plus, as a bonus, the little lake of La Gourde, a protected nature reserve.

Les Founs: 7.5/10 km
A circuit full of interesting sights, following a nature trail which has along its length more than 100 information boards telling you about local flora, then crosses the managed zone of the Founs peat bogs, a wetland full of life and mysteries.

Pareloup, Arvieu: 12/13 km
A shaded track linking the village of Arvieu to Pareloup beach. Return along the same path.




The GR62 long-distance footpath

The main GR® 62 walking route connects Meyrueis, in the Gorges de la Jonte, to Conques. The route is 182.5km long and takes about ten days to complete.

The hiker passes through Le Causse Noir and Millau, before reaching the Lévézou plateau. There, the route dips down below Azinières, then continues through Saint Beauzély, Estalane, Bouloc and Salles Curan, before crossing the Lac de Pareloup to Canet de Salars, Pont de Salars and Camboulas. You will then leave the Lévézou, moving on to Rodez, Le Vallon de Marcillac and finally Conques.


The LÉvÉzou experience

Welcome to the Lévézou,
a land of vast lakes, unspoilt countryside and unforgettable scenery for you to explore !

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