L'effet nature

100% nature

THE lévézou: 100% nature

The Lévézou is a holiday destination full of nature, with five vast lakes and beautiful country scenery. There is no industry in the Lévézou. The economy is essentially based around tourism and farming. While in the Lévézou, you are sure to come across flocks of grazing sheep. These belong to the Lacaune breed, and their milk is collected to produce Roquefort, Aveyron's famous cheese. You will also see herds of cows peacefully chewing the cud in our fields. In the Lévézou, you can hear the sound of nature: the wind in the trees, the birds singing, the lapping of the water in our rivers - all guaranteed to help you unwind.



Lac de Pareloup

At the heart of the Lévézou, in Aveyron, lies the Lac de Pareloup, the ideal location for a relaxing break. The Lac de Pareloup spans 1239 hectares and its banks have a combined length of 130 km. A veritable inland sea, it is France's fifth-biggest artificial lake. All kinds of watersports are done on the lake: sailing, windsurfing, catamaran and optimist sailing, water skiing, jet skiing and more.

For fishing enthusiasts, the Lac de Pareloup, a category-2 fishing area, is legendary for its predatory fish, which can be caught from a boat or from the lakeside. See if you can snare one of the pike, pike-perch, perch and carp for which the lake is famous.

For those who wish to take a dip or bask in the sun, there are two man-made beaches supervised by lifeguards in summer: the Plage des Vernhes to the east of the lake, near Salles-Curan, and the Plage de Pareloup-Arvieu on the west side of the lake. A children's play area, pétanque pitches and picnic tables all help to make the lakeside an inviting place to relax.

Around the Lac de Pareloup are villages, fields and forests, making it a location that offers the best of both worlds: a seaside holiday at the heart of the countryside.


Lakes and beaches of the Lévézou in Aveyron>

Enjoy water sports on the lakes of the Lévézou

Fishing in the lakes and rivers of the Lévézou



The mountains of the Lévézou in Aveyron, France

Around the lakes are the Monts du Lévézou, vast open spaces offering breathtaking landscapes. The Puech del Pal and Mont Seigne are the highest points. Viewpoint indicators and footpaths are provided to help you admire the huge expanses of beautiful scenery.

Discover the mountains of the Lévézou


The LÉvÉzou experience

Welcome to the Lévézou,
a land of vast lakes, unspoilt countryside and unforgettable scenery for you to explore !

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