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Saint-Léons en aveyron AND Micropolis, la cite des insectes

Saint-Léons, located in the Monts du Lévézou to the north-west of Millau and a few kilometres from the lakes of the Lévézou, is a little village dominated by the privately-owned Château de Saint-Martin (15th/16th century). With a rich heritage that can be admired on a special tour taking in a sarcophagus, a Romanesque church, a fountain, a cross and a sundial, it is best known as the birthplace of famous 19th-century entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre. By way of a tribute, Micropolis, la Cité des insectes, the Maison Natale de Jean Henri Fabre (the house in which Fabre lived as a child) and the Jardin d’Insectes all offer the possibility of learning about the marvellous world of insects. Keen ramblers can also appreciate the diverse local flora and fauna on their walks.


 Micropolis, AVEYRON's "CITY OF Insects"

Take a magical journey to the heart of nature and discover the fascinating world of insects at Micropolis, la Cité des insectes.

Micropolis has 15 exhibition rooms, a 3D cinema, an exhibition on garden insects, over 70 living species, a butterfly greenhouse, a giant anthill, vivariums, a guided outdoor trail, a restaurant and a gift shop, all within 2400 m² of exceptional architecture.

Micropolis, Aveyron's city of insects


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