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Sporting events

Be it on the water or on dry land, you can take part in various sporting events, or simply admire the performances of those who do (running races, regattas, car races, etc.)

rEgatTAS ON THE lac de Pareloup IN JULY AND AUGUST

Regattas on the Lac de Pareloup - Lévézou-Aveyron-France

Each year, many sailing enthusiasts enjoy the regattas held by the Pareloup yacht club (CYVP).

Many people take part and the races are open to all.

The must-see event takes place on 15 August. Known as "le CIRCUM de PARELOUP", it features everything from optimists to catamarans, with everyone hoping for a favourable wind to help them get round the Lac de Pareloup in quick time.

For further information: www.cyvp.com



Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 August 2017

The village of Villefranche de Panat will host the first Lévézou Triathlon for a weekend of sport on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 August.

Swimming, cycling and running will be the challenges taken on by the competitors.  

There will be something for all abilities, from experienced triathletes to first-timers. Children can enter too!

For juniors, events are on the Saturday, with three age groups to ensure fair competition: 6-9 year olds,10-11 year olds and 12-13 year olds

For adults:

The XS triathlon consists of a 400 m swimming race on Villefranche de Panat lake, a 10 km cycle race and a 2.5 km run. The XS triathlon consists of a 400 m swimming race on Villefranche de Panat Lake, a cycle race and a 2.5 km run.

The S course for individuals and relays: 750 m swimming, 20 km cycling and a 5 km run.

he M triathlon for individuals and relays, after the 1.5 km swimming race, takes the runners to Pareloup lake on mountain bikes, making a total of 40 km and finishing with a 10 km run.

For those with maximum stamina, the L circuit presents a 2 km swimming challenge, an 80 km cycling challenge that takes the cyclists to Pareloup lake and Pont de Salars lake, and a 20 km run.

There's also a cross-country course with 1 km swimming, 24 km by mountain bike and a 10 km cross-country run.

Full details of the Lévézou Triathlon at www.triathlon-du-levezou.fr 

Would you like to compete and are you looking for accommodation in Le Lévézou? We can suggest campsites, bed and breakfasts, hotels, holiday villages or self catering; make the most of your stay and visit our beautiful town of Le Lévézou, the countryside and the immense lakes of Aveyron.



A festival of walking and riding 

Le Lévézou-Festival of walking and riding

The Grand Spring Tour, or Le Printemps du Grand Tour des Monts et Lacs du Lévézou, is a one-day festival devoted to walking and riding on the Grand Tour des Monts et Lacs du Lévézou, a regional long distance hiking trail ("grande randonnée").

Each year it's the turn of a different village in Lévézou, located along the hiking route, to host the event.

This one-day festival for the general public is completely free of charge, and its purpose is to encourage people to discover sporting and cultural activities.

Walking, horse riding and mountain biking are on the programme, as well as a wide range of fun activities based around respecting nature and learning about our natural environment.



Le LévézouA 10 km walk endorsed as a qualifying event by the French Athletics Federation ("Label Régional qualificatif")


THE COURSE: On the route around the lake of Villefranche de Panat:

• one10 km loop
• one 3 km route
• children's routes are protected from road traffic

Challenges are offered to licence-holders and non licence-holders: 
• 10 km: French Athletics Federation qualifying event
• 3 km: open to all
• 1.3 km: open to children below the age of 11
• 0.8 km: open to children below the age of 8

• Nordic Walking

• Trails

Website www.villefranche-de-panat.com

Contact Running in Lévézou


Ikalana: Le Trail du Lévézou, 15 August in Villefranche de Panat 

Three trails to choose from, following waymarked paths, forming one loop on the plateau of the Mountains and Lakes of Lévézou. The participants, in their ever-growing numbers and diversity, will tell you that this trail is well worth the effort, traversing magnificent countryside in the middle of summer, on 15 August to be precise.

• 34 km trail: A physically demanding circuit

24 km trail: . Circuit accessible to all sports enthusiasts. The Groupama Nature Challenge

 • 10 km trail :  A family circuit presenting no major difficulties.
• Nordic Walking trail of10 km.

Ikalana, which in the Occitan language, means: "You must go there!" sums up in one word the hard work of the "Courir en Lévézou" (Running in Lévézou) volunteers who, each year, roll up their sleeves to ensure that every detail of the organisation runs smoothly for participants, in the true tradition of Aveyron hospitality.

Website www.villefranche-de-panat.com

Contacter Courir en Lévézou



The Rallye du Rouergue - first weekend in July

This rally is a French rally championship event. It uses the roads of  Aveyron, and particularly those of the Lévézou, for its renowned special stages.

Website: www.rallyerouergue.com


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