Le Lévézou

Picnic areas

If you want to stop for a snack while you are out exploring the Lévézou, think about using one of our many picnic areas.

You are sure to travel all over the Lévézou to discover all of its charms. If you want to stop for a snack while out and about, try one of our many picnic areas.

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Arvieu: beach and village

Auriac Lagast: at the start of the footpaths in the Forêt du Lagast and in the village

Canet de Salars: village (2 areas)

Cassagnes Bégonhès: in the village and at Le Glandou

Curan: village (2 areas)

Flavin: at the Pont de la Capelle Viaur

Pont de Salars: on the Plage des Rousselleries and next to the dam

Saint Beauzély: on the D30 (road to Millau) and next to the water

Saint Laurent du Lévézou: village

Saint Léons: on the D911 towards Millau

Salles Curan: Plage des Vernhes and at the entrance to the village, by the roundabout

Trémouilles: in the village of Vezins and at Oeil bleu

Viala du Tarn: Route de Valencas and Plage de la Nauc

Le Vibal: Plage des Moulinoches

Villefranche de Panat: on both beaches


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